Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fall Crocus

The Fall crocus are blooming. They look far better than this in real life. The plums are finished and all falling, quite a few into the pond. I some of them out. My frog was found floating, dead, on the surface a couple of days ago. I threw it out on the garden. This morning I was a large Raven flying over. The frog is gone. Nature takes care of things naturally. I wonder what frogs die of? Or maybe it got hit by a falling plum. or the pollution of its habitat by the plums. Hard to say. Could have been hit by the terrors from next door, if they saw it out of its water.

The news stories from southern US seem to be telling of people in worse and worse plight... fires, looting, no water or food, hospitals not running, no electricity, and flooding. Dreadfull. Buses finally arrived to take the people out. A hugh disaster complicated by slow mobilization of the help from the government. So sad.

Today I downloaded the Panda EXIF reader that I read about on Photosig. This works with firefox and IE on any digital photos that retain the EXIF data. Cool. The POW of this week does not have the EXIF, of course. HA!

Watered and fed the house plants yesterday. Still only one dendrobium and the African violets in bloom. The orchids look nice and healthy and clean, though.


medea said...

Your crocus look great!

Don't frogs have a really short life span? Perhaps it was just his time?

Maggie said...

Hi to Japan!

Thanks, that makes me feel better about the frog. Maybe he just was an oldie.

Last I heard the weather in Edmonton was balmy. But then you are probably in more recent touch, than I am.