Monday, November 28, 2016

Fruits and Flowers in October

 a yellow phal. orchid in bloom at the beginning of October.  The blooms lasted for more than a month.
 The unknown orchid in bloom.  These blossoms did not last nearly as long as the yellow phal.
 The seed head of a clematis.
 One of the figs in the beginning of October. We had a quite a few fresh figs.  The second crop kept ripening on into November.  They were not as sweet as the ones that had ripened earlier. I left most of them on the tree and they are now finished.  Two years ago I had preserved the extra figs in syrup.  They were really very good.  So, rather than letting the late ripening ones go to waste I will be able to preserve them in the syrup and freeze them.
 After the rains started this little rock plant began to look more healthy.  It seems to like the moisture.
 The lovely royal blue primula that I got at Matticks Farm last winter decided to put out blooms in October.  I hope it blooms again in the spring with the rest of the primulas.   The moss garden needs to be cleaned up.  As do all of the flower beds.  Most of the leaves are off the trees, except for the oak trees, whose leaves have gone brown.
Gorgeous color on the front, sweet gum tree, on October 31st.
This is a link to Kevin Gilbertt's live feed from Standing Rock, North Dakota.  Kevin's posts have disappeared off FaceBook.  So, I thought I would put this link on my page to replace his posts.  He was encouraging people to get in touch with Obama, etc.  Millions of people shared his posts and sent to their donations page.  At last count there were 11K people in the camp and the police (?  don't recall who they were) had given the camping people to disband the camp by today.

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