Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last Leaves of Autumn and Morning Light

 The robins eating berries on December 1st.  The berries feast has been going on for about a month now.  Usually this does not happen until Christmas Day.
 I was sitting in my front window seat watching the fantastic light on the morning of December 6th.  I used the long zoom, shooting through the front tree at this marvelous colored cloud and sky.  It seems the colors were fading from the light golden color to the deep bright blue that developed a bit later.
 This lovely violet color seemed to be the cloud cover over the roof tops.  The cloud was crowned by the golden light of the sunrise.
 Closer to the camera the colors of the light softened and the colors of the in focus leaf and lichens popped out against the soft colors.
 Some of the last leaves of Autumn on the front tree, against the light blanket of snow on the trail and park across the street.  Also on the morning of December 6th.
The closer look at the last Autumn leaf against the bright deep blue of the fantastic light day.
There is more to come of this marvelous morning light.  

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