Thursday, November 24, 2016

Autumn Color in October

 Pin Oak and the Japanese Cedar just behind it, in the woodland.
 The Virginia Creeper in the front of the strip between the driveways.
 The pin oak towers above the garage and the other trees in the woodland.  Across the back garden from the pin oak is the English oak that does not get nearly the spectacular colors.
 The sumacs, the holly tree and the firethorn in the back borde/woodland.
 More of the sumacs, firethorn, and the saskatoon berry bushes, in the woodland area.
 The garage roof with the pin oak, Japanese cedar and sumacs showing behind it in the woodland.
 The plum tree that is just off the deck.  Of course all the leaves fall into the pond and need to be skimmed off.  The tree did have some good golden color this year.  The water hawthorn are now in bloom in the pond.  Strange I did not see them all summer, after draining and cleaning out the pond.
The tree peony off the front entry after a shower and with the sun backlighting the colors.
The garden had gorgeous Autumn color this year.   There are only a few leaves left on the front sweet gum tree.  The magnolia seems to think it is time to put out buds.  The roses are having the last display of color.  The crocus leaves are up so I do not mow the lawn in the crocus field.  I have put mulched leaves on the garden beds and the whole leaves in other places when I did not mulch them.  Hopefully this builds up a good bit of top soil over the years.  The new snap dragons in the magnolia tree bed are still blooming and are mulched with leaves.  They should be nice for next year.  I am slowly replacing thyme in the bare spots in the thyme circle.  I move pieces of thyme from the stone path and add them to the circle.  This seems to work better than buying plants to transplant, so I shall do more of this as time permits.  The moss looks lush  and fluffy, so I must get out and remove leaves and debris from the moss garden as time permits, too.

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