Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Birds in November

 I have finally caught a humming brid in flight.  This was the beginning of November.
 The flicker was high in the cedar tree watching the robins sample the firethorn berries below, on November 4.
 One of the robins in the fire thorn shrub, on November 4.  Since this time the berries have been diminishing.  There is not as many robins testing the berries as there has been in other years.  Usually the berries are not ripe at this time.  One memorable year  there were a flock of robins eating the berries on Christmas morning.  They had all of the berries cleaned off the tree in a couple of hours.
 I think this will make a good Christmas Card this year.
 The color version of the Winter Roses in my previous post.
While looking back at some Can-Am photos from over the years, I found this one from 2011.  We were fortunate to visit the Johnson Group's collection of vintage cars, that year.   This is a very good example of how some of these old autos are found.  They undergo restoration to their original condition over time, with meticulous care and attention.

We have had a lot of rain in October and it is continuing in November.  I have the apples harvested  and a lot of them frozen as apple sauce, and pie filling, with some apple butter, and a couple of bags of them given away.  They are sweet and delicious for eating fresh, but definitely 'organic'.  I have been raking leaves and mulching them with the lawn mower, and putting the mulch on the woodland.  About three quarters of the leaves have fallen off the front tree.  It had beautiful color this year and leaves have hung on for a long time.  The petunias in the front garden where I renovated under the magnolia tree, are still in bloom.  We have not had a frost yet.  I wonder if I will be able to keep these petunias on into next year.  They are a rich burgundy color and would look super with the dark, royal blue of the big crocuses that come up in that flower bed in the spring.  

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