Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Post

 The Pooh Bear, November 29th
 David November 29th.  I really like the light I was getting on these photos of Nov. 29th.

 The Trail across the street, with a bit of frost on the grass.
 Frosty leaves of the oak tree.
 Frosty leaves from the right and right out of the camera.
The above leaves with a bit of photoshop adjustments.  I do like how the frost shows up without photoshop, but it is kind of dark.

There are a few photos from December that are worth uploading, but I probably won't get to them for a while.  I have been going crazy with trying out new things the last few days.  I have added google analytics to my web page.  I signed up with PlayNow which is the on line lottery and casino place.  There are games to play for free.  I did manage to make $36 one day, but until I am farther ahead of that I don't think I will be playing for real money much.  I can see where it could get to be addictive.  I am also trying to learn how to use my new jAlbum software to make albums to add to my web page.  It's going to be a long time before I get that figured out. 

We had an earthquake just off the coast near Sidney Island a couple of nights ago.  I was watching tv when it happened.. I heard it and felt a nasty shaking.  It was not a big one.  We get a lot of small ones and that is just fine.  Perhaps we won't need to have a big one if the little ones can do the trick.
here is the Times Colonist article about it:

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