Monday, December 07, 2015

November 22 River Walk No. 2

 Part of the split rail fence.  Not sure what the trees are, I just liked the color spaces. You can see the turbidity in the river.
 The split rail fence was added along the trail.  The helps to keep the people and dogs from trampling the river bank.  We really need some of this in our part of the river where the areas beside the trail are totally trampled to dirt, no vegetation survives, at all; not even the invasive ones.
 close up of the turbidity caused by a riffle built.  One of the stones is further downstream.
 Ian, explaining.  After our visit to the fish fence we walked along the Swan Creek where they have had a very active group of volunteers and have done sooooo much.  All the things I have shown from our walk on November 22 are from the Swan Creek group.
 The Peninsula Stream Society is an umbrella group to help all of the different area groups of volunteers get organized to accomplish some of this restoration of the lakes, streams and rivers in the Peninsula.
 Not sure what this is, but I see some eroded river bank.  Good to see the fern looking healthy.
 This is a wattle fence... I think it is called a fence. The the willows are stuck into the ground, and the horizontal ones are added.  Then the dirt is dragged/raked down to the fence.  I believe they start at the bottom, nearest the river and work their way up and back from the river.  Unfortunately these willow sticks did not grow roots  I know from just sticking little bits of my boxwood in the ground in the rainy season, that they root and grow, over the winter.  I think red twig dogwoods might work very well for this application.
Signs to make people aware of the fish habitat.  The Swan Creek people are doing a wonderful job of this area.

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