Saturday, December 05, 2015

November 22 River Walk

 The Pixie orchid developed 2 blossoms, over the past 6 weeks.  It is now just about finished.  It is a miniature  cattleya with a very nice light fragrance.  The other orchid developed 2 more blossoms.  It is one of my $12 phal. orchids from the grocery store that keep on blooming.  I had trouble uploading these photos to my blog and so tried to move this photo after reloading it.  Hope it works, as I cannot see the preview right now.
 The Peninsula Streams Society leader, Ian arranged a walk with our group to see the fish fence where they trap the migrating fish to allow them to do a fish count. This is the fence and the bridge that leads past the fence where it is installed.  This also traps a lot of debris that they need to rake off the fence and dispose of it on the downside of the stream, except for any plastics, etc. 
 This is a debris trap in the cleaning pond beside the river.  This is for runoff from the streets.  There are cattails in this pond.  It feeds by gravity into the river.  The cattails clean the water. 
 A sign on the side of the fish counting trap.

 An Autumn scene, beside the Colquitz River in the Cuthbert Holmes Park.
A look inside the fish trap.  Unfortunately there were no fish to be seen.  The count of migrating salmon is very low this year.  Chris, the man who gave us a very informative talk said there was some speculation that the low migration of salmon this year, might be due to the blob of warm water off our west coast this year.  We certainly need more biologists and ecologists employed to monitor and assist with the restoration of our streams, rivers and waterways  all over the island and along the coast. 

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