Friday, December 18, 2015

River Walk #3, November 22

 This was the last photo from our River Walk.  The rose hips should be good for the birds over the winter.
 Livin' off the grid in Cuthbert Holmes park.  There are a few people who live rough in this park.  I think a certain percentage of them like this lifestyle. 
 This is a riffle.  It is attractive with the golden rocks.

 More of the riffle view from the bridge.  The sign says there are salmon at work.
 A close up of the riffle.  Camera settings are the same as the one above but with the zoom the water seems to be a bit 'frozen'. 
This last part of our walk was along Swan Creek, where their group has done a lot of work to restore the waterway.  Here you see the landscape fabric that has been put down, to keep the black berries and all other invasive plants from growing.  And then they have transplanted indigenous trees, shrubs and plants through holes in the fabric.  I hope this fabric is biodegradable, or as Ian said, it will eventually have to be removed.
This is a blend of two photos.  Every year, on Christmas day, the flock of robins descend on the holly tree, and the firethorn shrub to feast on the berries.  Their feast was a bit early this year.  They were eating the berries on December 6th.  The tree is now without berries.  Red bows might look nice. 

We have had high winds and rain storms, but are now just getting a lot of rain, with cooler temperatures.  The river is full, but I have seen no salmon on the days I have checked for them. 

The moss garden is looking lush and fluffed up, but needs to be cleaned up from all the leaves that blew around.  I have put some of the mulched leaves onto the 'veggie' garden.  The whole garden needs perennials cut back and a final clean up done. 

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