Saturday, October 05, 2013

September flew past in a blurr

 The miniature water lily produced a flower at the end of September.  It did not last very long.  It has been blooming all season.  The fish keeps it company.  The water irises were good this year also.  The leaves of this miniature lily have grown quite large for a miniature.  Maybe I can divide it and put another in in the pond.
The black eyed susans hold their blooms over a long period.  I could not believe them last year and thought that I would never see the plant again.  But the clump is growing and still producing the long bloom period.  Its an easy plant to have.  This is at the front garden by the street and near the plum tree.  I am slowly getting that area looking good.  The plum did not produce many plums this year.  Next year should be a good harvest.
 This is one of the tomatoes from the back deck.  The background was so messy and confusing, so I learned how to desaturate it in photoshop.  I need a lot of practice yet, as you can see.  There are a few small green tomatoes and another large one yet to ripen.  The taste of a home grown tomatoe is always superb compared to any store bought one.  I think I will move what was the butterfly/hummingbird planter out to the cutting garden and plant lettuces and more tomatoes, up on the deck, next year.
This is a creation I did for our Halloween month in the community Playtime on Megashot. I have managed to get a few things done on Megashot.  I hope they finish Version 2 soon.

So very many things happened in September.  We were on two very good car meets, both in the Duncan area.  I have many photos to process for my old web page.  I have the lists of the events add to the page, but, of course that is the easy part.  The albums take me ages to do, but am happy to have them done up, when I do get them done.  Part of the halloween photo is my solstice moon and another part is Dracula's castle in Romania, from our 2005 river cruise. 

In the garden I managed to get the front inner garden stone path up to the thyme circle; and its surrounding beds cleaned up.  I have the thyme circle edged half way around it.  It dried out quite a lot in the heat wave we had while we were away in the summer.  I hope it all comes back again, as it looks terrific when cleaned up and in bloom.  The michaelmas daisies, nerines, heathers, verbena, sedum and a few other flowers have been putting on a good show for this time of the year.  So, what I need in flowers is something for the hottest part of summer... end of July and August.  Perhaps annuals will have to fill in for that time. But I would like to keep it all perennials.  Perhaps just foliage plants.  Maybe more pinks and heathers, in keeping with my lower maintenance plan for the garden. 

Pat had the Concrete Solutions guys come and pump cement under the parts of the driveway that had settled lower than other parts.  Its a very interesting process.  They have the driveway level now.  Next we are going to have the Crack man come and fill the cracks with a solution to seal the little holes they drilled to pump in the cement, and seal the cracks.  Someone will power wash the driveway too.  So, it is going to look all new and level when they are finished.  But, in the meantime, I need to rescue the moss off the cement, and put it under the deck, where I hope it grows thickly and luxuriantly.  I also have to find the time to cut the Virginia creeper back off the driveway, until they clean it.  It will grow again!

I am in the process of doing a serious house cleaning.  Windows, wax woodwork and furniture, and dust everything, vacuum thoroughly, of course.  I will have to do the closets and inside cupboards some other time, as this is taking me a long time to do a proper job of it.  It would be nice to have a house keeper, some day. 


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Good job on the desaturation photo, and the Halloween shot is great.

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