Thursday, October 31, 2013

A glorious October this year

 The liquid amber tree in the front is turning glorious colors now.  This photo is from about 2 weeks ago. The tree has a long way to go before it is finished.  It shows color for a month or more. 
 The main color in this photo is the smoke bush.  When the light shines through the leaves it is a marvelous color.  This photo is also from about 2 weeks ago.  The stone path is cleaned up.  The leaves are beginning to fall.  I will soon be raking the leaves to piles on the grass path and run over them with the mower to mulch them.  The back bin is full and I will need to stump it down to get the leaves into it.  The area beside the garage looks good with mulched leaves on it, so perhaps these mulched leaves can go directly to the woodland.  In the woodland the pin oak and the sumacs are in marvelous color, too. 
 This is the simplicity rose.  Yesterday I cut a huge boquet of these roses and have them in the house.  Photos today of the boquet.  Will upload them later, when I get time. 
 The white Iceburg rose has had a great flush of bloom also.  I cut it back from where it was flopping over the entry way, and had a huge goquet of it in the house too.  It is still in bloom, now, too.  It is getting quite cool at night.  I hope the roses last until Christmas!
 They are slowly getting the park finished.  The blackberry bushes are growing again.  They have not yet planted any of the trees they have scheduled to go in.  There are lots of bicycles and waling people on the trail.  I guess I never noticed them when they went along the street instead of along this trail that appears to be leading directly to my door.  :-) 
These are the michaelmas daisies that are in front of the bamboo.  These plants are finished blooming.  I have cleaned up and weeded the beds at the front  and am now working on the back.    I have finished weeding the stone path up to the entry to the water garden.  I clean up the adjacent beds when doing the paths.  I will need photos of the back, once I get the moss garden cleaned up.  Most of the leaves at the back are finished falling except the English Oak and the pin oak.  I still have a bed to dig over... I might plant milkweed in there.  My beautiful hydrangea caught some awful wilt or fungus, or virus and died.  I imagine the disease is now in the soil, so I won't get another hydrangea until I figure out what killed it and clean the area.
My light garden is looking so good, after cleaning it up and feeding the plants.  Several orchids in bloom.  Photos later if I get time.  To add to my things to do, I have now joined the CWF photo club.  I did two landscape photos to enter the annual contest, in the landscape category.  Very interesting reading in their magazine.  I have also spend quite a bit of time reading the Saanich web site; especially about the urban forest, endangered species, invasive species, and so much more good information   I would love to establish some of the wild flowers in the park but am not sure what they are going to do with it now.  If they continue ot mow it like they have been doing, the flowers would not stand a chance. 

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