Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September carried over into October

 This is  part of the stone path in the back garden.  The corsican mint has filled in nicely around the stones.  This is how it was in mid September and it is much the same now, in mid October.  If you step on the mint it sends up a huge lovely fragrance.
These are the cyclamens from mid September and are much the same now too.  Over the years they have spread out in this patch by the old garage.  I see the leaves popping up all over the back garden.  I planted a couple more bulbs on the other side of the garage and they are finally making a good show this year.  
 These were the Autumn crocus in mid September.  They do not have a long period of bloom but are a lovely blast of color when they do pop up. 

When we were on the Island Challenge... an antique car event... we put our cars on display at the Fair while we had breakfast and then looked at some of the3 exhibits.  What a lovely chicken!
 I was looking back at our trip on the St. Lawrence River and the Rideau canal and found this photo of the Pierre LaPorte bridge and the Quebec Bridge over the St. Lawrence River, near Quebec City.
Something for the season.  I took this the year I was uploading photos for the Victoria Grid group on Flicker.  I reworked it and added some text, this year. 

We have had a fine week of sunshine so far this week and are promised another week of the same.  I am happy with what I have managed to get done in the garden.  Edged the lawn and put the edging bits onto the front grass under the plum tree.  Hope it takes hold by Springtime.  As we are to have the driveway and all the cement power washed, I had to save the moss that was growing on the cement.  It is suppose to be slippery and a possible cause of accidents.  We never had one yet... but I suppose all this cleaned up cement will add curb appeal should we ever decide to sell it.  I put the moss down under the deck.  It looks like a lovely green carpet.  I sure hope it takes hold too.  This will expand my moss garden to at least double its size.  I am moving ferns all over under the deck too.  The last ferns I moved are surviving very well.  They are in total shade.  I need to be mindful of watering them. 
I have finished weeding the stone path and all of the inner garden.  I only need to do the front rectangles and the strip in front of them and then the front will be good to go into winter.  There will be the raking of the leaves.  Last year, mulching them with the lawn mover worked really good, and will do it again this year.  And will keep the mulch, as Saanich will be starting the garden waste collection next year.  I will lose my compost guys and will no longer be getting a bag of compost per month from them.  I have put some of the weedless compost into the old compost bin to start up my own compost again.  The old bin is still half full, so the leaves should fit in there this Autumn.  Saanich is trying to reduce the amount of stuff we put into the land fill.  Well, with recycling paper and bottles, etc, and my garden waste bin; they have not been getting much from me.  What I put out is mainly plastics and other food packaging.  I have five bags of compost left and will probably save them over to next year. 

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