Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September gardening and more

 I spent quite a bit of time in photoshop on this photo.  On our Rocky Mountain tour we took the Harbor to Harbor little airplane from Victoria to Vancouver and on the return also.  This is the return trip.  You can see the messy spots from shooting through the window.  We were only allowed 25 lbs luggage on the flight, but the beautiful scenery from the air was worth it.
 This is the sedum, Autumn Joy.  Its an excellent plant for this time of year.  It holds the blooms for weeks and the dried heads into the winter.
 Another shot of the Rocky Mountaineer along the kicking horse river. 
This is how far the park makeover has progressed.  There are lots of people using this trail.  I can just see down the trail, over the front cedar hedge, if I view from my dining room.  When the leaves fall off the liquid amber tree I will be able to see the trail and traffic out of the living room window, too.  The grass seed they put down a couple of weeks ago is sprouting.  We have had some sun and some rain... just beautiful fall weather.  Over the last two days we had an inch of rain.  We need more, but of course, the rainy season has started and we will get more.
The garden is doing ok, with the sedum, michaelmas daisies, and others that I will show when I get the photos done up.  We have had several car events in the last few weeks, so I am reviewing those photos also. 
Last week it took me two days to clean up the light garden, with cleaning and repotting plants, cleaning the trays, replacing burnt out lights, and then watering and feeding the plants.  I have an orchid that has not bloomed before with 2 buds, and there are 3 phalenopsis in buds, and the hai marie discolor is in bloom. There are several African Violets in bloom.    It all looks really good.

I spent the morning playing with the customization of my PlayTime community front page, on Megashot.  It is now ready for Halloween.  Hope I can find some scary photos to invite. 

My freezer is full of soups and casseroles and pre-prepared vegetable dishes.  This makes it so easy to get lunch ready or a quick supper when I have been otherwise busy. 


Anonymous said...

The park is looking great; it will probably view like an extension of your own garden.
I need to spend some time on Megashot.

Maggie said...

thanks Ken. You are right, that trail comes out of the park right across from our driveway. The trail branches and the other outlet is near the corner where there is sure to be an accident because the people turning off the street and down our street will not be able to see anyone entering at that corner because of the trees covering the view at that corner. I cannot imagine why they made 2 entrances to the street. But between the two branches of the trail there is a nice triangle that would look good in a nicely done planting.. . like the plantings they do on the boulevards. But they have grass seed sprouting in it. We must not be voting right as we have no sidewalks and no nice boulevard plantings. Maybe a few bulbs in it would not be noticed... till sprintime... voila!
Megashot is fairly active again.. have not had much time for it lately, either. Seems people come and go.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Plant some bulbs and maybe it will catch on. :-)