Saturday, February 05, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy

A couple of days ago it was Chinese New Year.  Happy New Year!  The year of the rabbit is upon us!  The above photo is a cement rabbit in my garden.  All of the photos are from Feb. 15 last year.  I have not been able to find the time to get out and shoot just yet.  But, the first crocuses are up; the hellebores are starting, and the snowdrops are in bloom, too.  The best little cyclamen along the old cement path by the garage as above is blooming beautifully too.  The magnolia has buds and the first few camillias are open.  I really need to get out and clean up the perennials and prune the roses.  We have had warm weather and some rain.  We are so fortunate compared to all the 'weather' other countries, even other parts of our country, are experiencing. 

The Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine gardening group are holding a Study weekend at Sidney, on Feb. 25, 26 and 27.  There are workshops, talks, open gardens, and more.  If you wish to attend please see the registration form here:  
This looks like it is going to be very interesting. 
I have been so busy lately, it seems.  I am trying to learn the settings on my new camera.  Trying to keep up with Megashot, but am falling terribly behind.  Our membership is growing, there are photoshop classes, questions in the forums, and so much to do.  I have not had time to even look at the critique forum.  ah well... it will all be there tomorrow.  Cyrus is making videos of the Megashot / Facebook challenges, and the Megashot Contests and putting them up on You Tube.  He has 39 of them done, including the help for getting started for  new accounts.  This link should get you to his You Tube account with all the videos listed. Enjoy.
There has been some good eating around our house lately, as well.  I make soup every second day, or so.  I am making interesting and good meals for our dinner.  I have also been reading a few of Phillipa Gregory's books on the time of Henry the VIII.  Nasty times in England.  And there are equally nasty times in Egypt and northern Africa, right now too.... much like the political troubles in Iran.  There seems to be a huge power struggle happening in the Muslim world right now. 

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