Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I spent the morning seeing the doctor, getting prescription, shopping the mall, and walking home.  Its about a mile walk.  It was coolish, but I was dressed warmly.

In the afternoon I managed to up date my Photography page on my web site, with the new camera .  The new page  After I completed this update, I got trapped on my Go.daddy blog, trying to figure it out and how to add things. This is a free "quick blog' that comes with my registration of domain and hosting space, with them.  There is nothing quick about this thing.  I finally got it to let me upload photos, but I could not do it again if I tried.

We had a fine supper tonite...salad, perogies, ham sausage, broccoli, picked peppers, and a fine cheese sauce that I made from scratch and what I thought would taste good.  It was delicious. 

While I was making dinner there was a lovely sunset at about 5.15.  I shot it in RAW and converted it, cropped a bit and resized. 

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