Friday, January 28, 2011

Frost and Ice

A few frosty photos from on the deck.  You can see the gold fish just beneath the black ice. 
Today I purchased my new Canon EOS Rebel T1i or EOS 500D.  I had my heart set on a 7D.  While looking at it and trying it out I found that it was rather heavy.  My old lenses from the Canon Elan 7e all work with it, but the shutter release cable does not.  The salesman was excellent. He watched me handling this thing and very expertly suggested that I might like to try the T1i.  The lenses and the shutter release  are usable with this one.  It seems to have much better balance for me.  I liked how the Elan felt in my hands and this smaller Rebel T1i feels the same.  AND it is half the price.  I am not sure what the big difference between the 7D and this one might be, but I am sure I will be very happy with this one! 
Our January seems to have been very busy. 
In the garden the snow drops are in bloom and the species crocus are up.  I don't see the crocus leaves in the front crocus field but they should be showing soon, too.  The Blue heron has been seen around the pond. All the apples are gone from beneath the tree.  I had raked them and the leaves off the grass onto the path.  The leaves are still there, but the apples are gone.  There has been a very busy squirrel around the back garden. This must be a very full squirrel if it ate all those apples, though.  The critter is also eating the few apples that were out on the deck in a plastic bag.
Megashot seems to be rocking right along.  Our servers were maxed out so we now have more servers to carry the load.  Version 2 should be soon in development and on line.    Its been an exciting day today!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new camera; I think you made the right choice. My Pentax with batteries and card weighs 1.5lbs.

Maggie said...

Thanks. Not sure what mine weighs, but with lens added it still gets to weigh a bit. The Canon software for converting RAW seems to be very very good. I understand that the Adobe photoshop has to keep up dating its ACR or RAW converter every time a new camera is out. It doesn't matter what brand of camera. They all seem to want us to use our own software for RAW conversion. Things keep getting more complicated all the time rather than easier with this technology.