Sunday, January 16, 2011


This rainbow was hanging around for at least an hour.  It was double at one point, but too faint to show up on my photo.  We were having light rain and sun, of course, on a beautiful balmy day.  The red tree really is that red.  It is my Japanese cedar that is greeny bronze in summer and red in the winter.  Its a fine tree.  There is a patch of dry needles in one area near the bottom.  I am considering cutting the bottom branches off.  The tree is in the woodland garden with dames rocket, bluebells, honesty and few other volunteer plants around it.  My best trilliam is near it at the front and there are fawn lilies, columbines and some big leafed plant that gets out of hand, as does the lemon balm.  There are sumack trees that are growing into a small grove.  Its quite wild and chaotic and I rather like it.  I now have a tub sitting on the stump where Davey Tree took down the big Eucalyptus with the Saskatoon trees behind it.  Old weird Sheila occasionally attacks and hacks my trees if they dare get over on her side of the fence line.  She has removed her board fence that was penning her in like an old cow,  and put up some silly plastic stuff.  She needs her boundaries defined, I guess. 
My blue heron was to visit a couple of days ago. I was shooting at it through the window and do not have a great shot.  When I went out on the deck to try get it, it walked very quickly away behind the garage.  There are too many trees for it to fly up out of the back garden.  It was going to have a look for lunch in the pond.  I guess I interrupted its dinner.

Lately I have been doing some good cooking.  Last night I used up the 6 left over crepes by stuffing them with gingered shrimp and a Oka cheese, with a wine in white sauce to put over top of them.  We had this with sole, wild rice, and califlower in a mild mustard dressing.  Salad of course. Cheese and nuts to finish off the dinner Chardonay wine.

This too, is winter time. 

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