Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is my black and white version of a tree seen somewhere on the Sunshine Coast on an overcast day.
Yesterday I watered and fed the house plants.  I have 4 orchids in bloom and many african violets.  The orange trees are surviving and some growing new little leaves.  When our climate switches temperature zones I am going to be ready!
Sunday, we went to a matinee showing of the King's speech.  What a refreshingly fine movie, after all the crap that makes it big at the box office!  Then out to dinner at the 15 50.  Was a good day.  Last nite's roast beef turned out superb and the crepes for lunch today were also very good.  But for all the good eating, I am managing to drop a bit of the weight I regained over the great eating season.  There is no more cake, shortbread or pudding in the house!  Have to make do with fruit now!  This should make it easier to drop those pounds off.
We have had a skiff of snow and were to get about 4 inches but that does not seem to be happening.  The temperatures are to warm up in two days.  So, we are slowly getting through the winter.  The garden needs cleaning up.  There are leaves everywhere from the winds we have had.  Last time I looked some of the early bulbs had their little noses up. I guess this cold snap will make them wait a while.

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