Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gardening in July

This is a photo of the white water lily that was in bloom in mid-June, just before we left on our 15 day camping trip.  We returned on July 8th to some very hot weather.  We have had hot weather since then with a few moderate days.  Yesterday I was to Cannor nursery and picked up 7 new perennials and 2 little comet goldfish.  The goldfish went into the half barrel tub.  The dragon flies did not seem to find the tub, and so there were mosquitoes.  I could not catch one of the little fish from the pond, so had to buy them.  While feeding the fish today, I see that all 6 of the big gold fish from 2 years ago, are surviving.    Two days ago a neighbor's dog had been in the pond and the waterfall slowed down to a trickle.  So, yesterday I cleaned the filter on the pump and now its running good again.   I have started to water after supper, by hand at the front and the sprinkler on the veggie garden at the back.  The potoatoes are a dead loss.  Not enough water.  The dill is about 5 inches high, but growing with the recent watering.

Today I transplanted the new perennials.  4 at the front by the plum tree.  I had the hose turned on to soak the new transplants, while I dug out the rest of the clump of lemon balm.  I still have some by the plum tree to remove, and more of the creeping little green thing, that gets into everything.  I put the delphinium, a pink daisy, and an anemone in front of the hedge by the bamboo.  Watered them in good and watered a bit around the rest of the front.  Got some dead heading done.  Things are not looking too bad considering we have had no rain and hot temperatures and the watering restrictions are a total pain.

I have no good photos from July, and it will soon be August.  The lacecap hydrangea responds wonderfully to watering and is looking very nice.  The big gold achillea has been in bloom for weeks and looks ok too.  The lily of the nile is in bloom and the campanulas of all kinds.  The dahlias that I put into tall black pots are blooming.  Not a great show, but they are improving with the watering too.

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