Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Green Festival at Glendale Gardens

On Sunday I spent a few hours at Glendale Gardens, in the afternoon.  Its was very hot with bright sun, so the time for photography was less than opportune.   The Green Festival was on, with a few kiosks to advertise alternate energy, and local foods, hemp clothing, and numerous other current eco friendly things.  I talked to a people at a booth with pictures of our western painted turtles and they said I might find some at Beaver Lake.  So, today, we will go out there in the camper van for lunch and to search for turtles.  I must look at the Victoria Daily blog ... I think he found some of these turtles and posted to his blog a few weeks ago.
Yesterday, I spent a few hours watering the garden by hand and looking over the plants.  When I was out at Glendale Gardens I was taking pictures and observing some of the paths, especially the woodland ones.  In my woodland the tall plants are looking pretty good...wild, but I like them.  The lace cap hydrangea  looks really good after it got a bit of water.  There are weeds, but not too bad.  The corsican mint is filling in beautifully around the round stepping stones in the back.  I shall need more delephiniums and maybe a veronica or two.  The lavatera is full of blooms. 
Megashot is getting very very busy!  We have a new Food and Drink community that should be a lot of fun.  Come join us.  Free accounts right now.

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