Saturday, July 17, 2010

Around town

a couple of days ago, we took a lunch out to Beaver Lake in the Dodge Lodge and then walked part way around the lake and back, in search of the elusive Western Painted Turtles.  Benjamin Madison found one at Swan Lake earlier this year and posted it to his blog.  Now, I must find one!  This is an Island in Beaver Lake.
 As we sat out on the deck at Seahorses Cafe by the Brentwood Bay ferry dock, I could see this heron in the shallows, fishing.  The bird seemed to have a wound on its upper wing and so it did not fly away.  It may have become used to people pointing cameras at it. 
I have been getting a few things done around the house today.  I made a pot of soup with one of my jars of chicken stock and vegetables, and now have 2 jars ready for serving. 
We have a Food and Drink community on,  with an assignment running in that community.  I never thought to shoot my soup for it though.
I understand we have water restrictions in town!  Good grief that is so silly, with all the water we have had and now we can't water unless its in the dead of night.  These 'rules' are made by bureaucrats from the CRD who are not even elected officials.  I know NOT where they get the authorization to make these laws and enforce them.  Apparently, a lawyer was caught out watering his new lawn, by hand -- no less, outside of the time limits for watering.  He is taking this question to court for judgement!  This should bring the matter into the public view, and get some of these questions that I am sure we all have, answered.  I hope the press get on this and make a very big deal about it!  From coffee clatch scuttlebutt, I understand that we have been using so little water that the city had to raise the water rates for us to use the utility.  Now I sure would like to know if this is really true, too.  I hope this comes out in the trial of the lawyer doing his dire criminal act of watering his new lawn.  My garden is drying up because I don't dare go out and water and I cannot see to connect sprinklers, etc. in the dead of night! 
My garden needs watering and weeding and dead heading.  We have had lovely weather and I should be out there. 

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