Monday, August 02, 2010

Google Ads

On July 31 we took a McDonald's ceasar salad with chicken, each, out to Swan Lake for our lunch.  These salads were not exactly diet salads, but I ate all of mine anyway.  Bacon, crispy chicken, fat dressing.. it was yummy.  So, my weight loss has reached a slight plateau but have not gained anymore either.
We did not find any turtles at Swan Lake, except the one that they have in the Nature house in an aquarium.  They claim to have them at the lake though.
I have made borscht using the chicken stock for base and have 2 jars ready for heating and eating.  Yesterday I made a casserole with Quinoa and many other vegetables in it.  I have two dinners of this frozen for use in a pinch or camping.  I really liked it.
I spent most of this day reading about google ads.  I signed up for an Adsense account.  I will now wait for the Google bot to crawl my account and then I confirm my account when I hear back from them.  Once I have my adsense account I can go ahead and set up the ads on this blog.  Wow, I might even make ten cents a day if I am lucky.  I think I can change the way the ads appear at any time, so will experiment with the formatting.  Lots to learn about it yet.  I agreed to not click on my own ads.  Well, how can I see how they look, if I don't click them?  I was thinking of putting on just link ads, but maybe if I can do it I will add the Skyrocket picture ones down the left side.  I might have room along there.    I will be checking the account to see if they are effective every minute, no doubt.  :-))

We have quite a lot of new members on Megashot recently!  I wonder if its due to the Contests.  On August 1st we started the new 'mixed categories' contest

We have had a couple of cooler days.  The sky seems to be covered in a haze. They say its due to the smoke from the forest fires. 

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