Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gardening in Summer

This photo shows the little campanula on the little rockery by the vegetable garden. 
All the photos from last post and this one are from July 21st.
These are the white foxgloves growing under the plum tree in the Japanese Garden area.  They were not peloric this year!
This is a view down the old sidewalk behind the garage in the woodland garden.
This is the chip trail along the side of the garage and is part of the woodland garden.

Since these photos were taken approximately a month ago the garden has under gone some very dry and hot temperatures.  Most of the perennials are finished and need dead heading.  The new transplants are doing ok, but not great.   Everything needs more water. 

We had about half an inch of rain last week, but it seems to have not had much of an affect on our very dry conditions.  I am watering with the sprinkler on the vegetable garden.  Nothing in the woodland.  I topped up the pond and it over-flowed into the moss garden.  The moss garden needs weeding as does the front garden. 

I am trying to come up with a good design for the little area by the water meter, but it mostly just looks ugly.

My Adsense account is approved.  I await my PIN and the tracking of my bank account for payment by electronic transfer.  I set up a new custom channel for Playtime which is a community I have made on Megashot   My custom channel from Playtime does not report earnings on the blog monitize tab, but I guess that makes sense, because the Playtime is a new code and new channel.  It does report on my adsense account.

Megashot is growing like crazy and is getting more and more busy.  There are so many things to do.  The new critique forum is doing very well.  Explore and the contests are very active, too.   Our contest for this month with prizes is in 'Mixed Categories", so anything goes!  Come join us!  Its fun.

Today, we sold the 1915 Model T Speedster.  There are years of memories attached to that antique car.  But it is good to have the 1912 Model T Torpedo Roaster to take its place.  The 1912 Torpedo Roadster has a top, a windscreen and doors!  imagine!  The Speedster has gone to a good home. We hope to see it out  at events, as the guy who bought it is a member of the Vancouver Chapter of the VCCC.  I hope he finds the Can-Am and the Malahat Challenge events, too.  The Can-Am is in the US this year, but we regret we cannot make it.  The Malahat Challenge is out of the Victoria Chapter of the VCCC this year and we hope to be part of that with the new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster; all happening in September.  September will be here before we know!!

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