Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Spring Flowers

This is a red, very showy St. Bridgid Anemoney growing in the front garden beside the stone path
This is the only blossom on the anemorella plant just now.  Its a lovely big mound of fresh green leaves that grow alongside the garage in the woodland area of the garden.
The bleeding heart is in the same area as the anemorella.  It is doing much better this year after receiving a bit of compost.  All the plants in this area need another feeding this year.
This planter containing aubretia sits in the front garden next to the driveway and the grass path.  The iberis will expand to flow around the bottom of the planter.  This area is doing much better also after getting rid of the violets and adding compost.
This is a very elegant and showy fern leafed peony that grows just back from the edge of the little rockery at the front.  Behind it is the green and white of the sicilian helebore that sits in front of the West Coast planter.  I am quite happy with the arrangement of the plants in this area that I am calling the little rockery in the front garden.
These smaller alpines grow just in front of the Peony and the helebore.  Across about 3.5 feet of flat field stone path is another small rock wall where I am establishing some more very special little alpines backed by taller plants.
This is my best primula - a double.  I have lost the name of it.  When I have the woodland renovated I hope to establish a few of these plants in an area that stays more moist.  In fact, I would like to expand all of the primulas.
  These saxatilis tulips have grown into a couple of large patches in the woodland area and beside the vegetable garden.  They are so very pretty and well behaved.  They will need to be divided soon, though.
This is a sea thrift or armeria.  These plants put on a show for a long period and when not in bloom they are a good looking evergreen mound.  Very valuable plant in my rockery.  This one is across the stone path from the little rockery wall and all its newly established precious alpines.  I put in a number of alpines where I removed the wooden half barrel that held the fish and water iris.  I put plieones, a daphne that is going to eventually get to be 5 x 5 feet (slow to grow)in a couple of weeks ago.  There is a lovely little perennial snapdragon with fuzzy silver leaves and is covered with white flowers.  There is also an Iberis, an aubretia, a campanula, another pink St. Bridgit anemone and further along some sedums.  There are two oriental lilies and these plants are backed by montebretias, yellow water iris, a clematis, a solomon's seal, foxgloves and a few other tall plants.  Some of these big  plants can be quite invasive and will need to be kept within bounds.
This is the reflections of the marsh marigolds in the pond and tiny bubbles from the waterfall. 
All of the photos are from a week ago, Monday, when I did a bit of gardening.  Mowed the grass and got a bit of a start on the renovation of the woodland.  There is a sumac that was nearly uprooted in the high winds we were having. I have taken off one big branch and have it trimmed with only the long part left to use as edging along the chip trail of the woodland when I redo this path.  I see that one of my new trilliums has come up, after all.  I thought I had lost it.  It is tiny but has a bloom.  I moved a small mounding green plant from right beside it and provided some good soil in the area.  This plant needs more woodland 'duff' added to it also.
I have had a very busy week, starting with the Monday gardening, Tuesday a walk home from the Doctors Office in the morning and pottering in the garden in the afternoon..  Wednesday was a full day of house work and I finally managed to do the vacuuming. Thursday was more house work finished, reading.   My new little vacuum works so much better as does the dust buster on a handle, that I really should do this more often.
On Friday we went to lunch at the Checkered Flag, and then shopping.  I now have a new rabbitting spade, and a new Felcro #6 pruner for small hands, from Lee Valley Tools.  From Canadian Tire, I got a rechargeable Black and Decker hedge trimmer.  I read all its instructions.  I have not tried it yet, as it was raining this morning. 
In the evenings I have been getting a few things done on the new photo site.  The place is looking really good and Cyrus is getting so many new people to register, as well as working on the articles, tutorials, video tutorials and so very many things.  Ken, Jiri and their friends are helping out, as well as a few others who have been there from the start.    We are definitely on our way!

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