Monday, April 26, 2010

Car Event - Parksville to Tofino

Our hosts for the Spring Meet of the RROC/BDC car club were Barb and Steve Harris.  As usual they did a marvelous job.  On the Friday evening we met at their Faulty Towers home for the meet and greet.  We were back again on Saturday morning before starting out on our run to Tofino.  This is Barb and some her garden.
This is a photo from the Bayview.. Bayshore ?  where we had our dinner on Friday evening.  Spectacular views.
One of the stops on our trip to Tofino was at the Mars Water Bombers on Sproat Lake.  This is Pat's Bentley.
This is a view of Long Beach surf from our patio at the Long Beach Lodge.  It was raining lightly, so the photos are not the best.  The sunset was not great.  Our room was just a few doors down from the dining room so I was able to get back for a look at sunset, but there was very little color.  It was a fine week end event.  Lots of old friends were not there, though.  Many new people in the club that we don't know, since we don't go to many events with this club.

While looking around Tofino on our way out of town we made a stop at a place where I got a few golden flat rocks to add to my little rockery in the front garden.  I set them into the little wall today.  I got the grass mowed and put the clippings on the vegetable garden.  I took down two more branches off the sumac in the woodland area.  I am slowly getting this tree taken down.  The rhodo behind it is going to look really good once I get this tree out.  As I was working on the branches the wind came up and we had some fairly high winds for a few hours.  We did not lose power this time. 
We have new a new by law saying that we cannot use pesticides on our gardens after the end of April, unless we have a permit.  So, I shall spray the front rock path with round up just as soon as the sun comes out.  Even though I cleaned this path up last summer, the little plants are back again.  If I let them go they just take over and the path looks messy.  I would like it to look clean for a little while.  I imagine the weeds would be easy enough to pull out, but I would need to kneel on rocks to do it.   We are suppose to control our dandilions by hand pulling them.  And the bind weed, too!  I think Saanich is going to start looking pretty messy this year!

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