Monday, April 19, 2010

Fauna in the Garden

This is another of my half price phalenopsis orchids that I find at the grocery store.  The colors here are just about true to the flower and the wall behind it.  This orchid is putting out a new bud or two.  The white with pink center one is still holding its blooms, too.  Meanwhile my expensive Andean Fire ladyslipper is on its last bloom.  It had 3 and none of them last very long.  It is a pretty little thing, though.
Saturday was an exciting day for activity in the garden.  This Heron... I think I will start calling it Henri the Heron, landed on the back garage roof while I was making capaccino.  It walked to the edge of the roof where it was hidden from site by a bush.  It then flew down by the pond and was standing  on the edging watching for fish.  I could not get a good photo of it, as it seems very alert to movement and to sounds.  The deck railing of course was in the way!  As I tried to make my way out on the deck, it noticed and flew away.
It has not been successful in fishing in my pond.  The fish are wary and have water plants and plastic pipe lengths to hide in.  I have seen all 6 of the gold ones, and there are many black ones as well.

Also on Saturday morning this bush bunny was in my front garden.  I watched it inspecting my plants.  It did not seem to find any to its liking.  There is a spot where I have some grass in the flower bed, and here the bunny seemed to find something to its taste.  The colors on its back behind the neck are quite bright.  It must be the primary mating season. I only saw one bunny though.  Its fur is wet from the rain and water on the plants. 
Later on Saturday I did some pottering around in the garden.  I got the parsley transplanted to the blue pot and have it on the deck.  I planted viola seeds in the little 'strawberry" opening in the pot.  I put nasturium seeds into the top of the big clay strawberry pot.  The two fuschia cuttings are in the shade in the deck planter.  I must keep this watered, as it is under the roof over hang.  I transplanted the margeurite into the pink pot by the garage door.  Watered everything in.  I tried to fill the cavities between the rocks on the waterfall with new soil from the garden.  I adjusted the rocks to get a good flow of water down the fall.  While doing this I noticed that water is running out the side of the waterfall.  Well, it is going into an area that I want to be boggy, as I have some water plants growing there.  So, if I keep the pond topped up, the bog plants should do well. 
I have done nothing further in the garden, except feed the fish.  I have been spending a bit of time on the new photo upload site.  Its all good. 


Ann Flower said...

What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing

One said...

What beautiful colors, really good shots and an excellent light on this garden !

modeflowers said...

So beautiful garden. So green and so natural that makes your day a very gloomy one.