Monday, April 12, 2010

Francis King Regional Park

On Saturday there was a slideshow and a walk led by Kem Luther, around Francis King Regional Park to observe mosses.  B.C. is one of the places in the world with most species of mosses.... approximately 800 and they are still finding more.  On the Island we have approximately 200.   In the slide show we were shown only 20.  He also had little samples of each of these mosses.  It is amazing how different they look when you are told what to look for. Some mosses grow in disturbed soil, on trees on wet rocks, on logs, and duff.  We were told about 5 city mosses that grow on rocks, pavement, lawns and roofs.   There are plants like Irish moss, reindeer moss, spanish moss that are not actually mosses.  Mosses do not have roots.  They reproduce by spores. 

I arrived at the Park at about 11:00 and so had 2 hours to walk around and take photos before the talk/walk.  It was marvelous,  The air is so clean.  

I have at least 3 kinds of moss in my little moss garden.  I have some growing on soil, some on old trees stumps and debris, some on rocks.  I am sure I have pavement moss also.  I have some lichens and irish moss. 

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