Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tallin, Estonia - Baltic Countries Coach Tour - May 25

We were up and to breakfast at 7:30 and on the bus to tour by 9:00. Great weather. We went on a walking tour of the old town. Long long walk on cobblestones. Its a beautiful city. My photos are turning out better, but I have to be quick about it. Wish I had been using the wide angle for some of the shots, but no time to change. As it was I missed all of good information from our guide.

At home.. yesterday I got a bit of gardening done. I actually got 3 steps up on the ladder to tie my grape vine up to the top of the garage roof at the front. I also did a thin wire for the grape along the side of the garage where it was before, and producing fruit. After that I clipped the 'goose' cottoneaster, and clipped back the fig and things to open the new stepping stones up a bit. I put all these clippings under the deck, hopefully to get started on some good soil under there. I see I have a very nice patch of moss growing there in the shade. I need to get some of this moss growing in the Japanese garden. I filled the pond and soaked the apple tree.

Today it is raining nicely. I have been inside all day, doing music play lists and photos.

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