Monday, August 04, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 12 - May 23

We missed a tour of Pushkin which is about 25 km south of St.Petersburg, and the Catherine Palace, in the morning. We decided to stay in and write post cards.

Today, at home, we went for a drive up island with Ruby and Steve in their newly restored old car. We had lunch at the fish and chips shop located by Serious Coffee. Very good fish and chips. We got home just before three o'clock. We just missed the shut down of the Island Highway due to a brush fire at Thetis Lake.

There have been about 25 Model T's and A's from southern California, Arizona, one from Montana, other places, in town for a few days. Dan let us know they were coming. Pat is going back with them tomorrow to Dan's place for lunch. I thought they were going back Wednesday, and so am not going as Denise the draperies lady is going to be here Wednesday. Oh well.

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