Monday, February 12, 2007

Painted Vases

Another one for the Painted Vases series of my web page. Maybe I won't use that frame though. Its a bit much.


Brad said...

Thanks for your comment on this post:

You mentioned more margin. I'm just curious, did you have to scroll side to side to see the whole site? I did make it as wide as I could so I could make the pictures bigger, but I don't want to be so big that it won't fit on most browsers. If you did had to scroll, what is your browser size?

Sorry for not emailing, couldn't find your email addy on this site.

Maggie said...

I did not have to scroll to see the whole site
but the words go right over to the edge of my browser. I just think it would be more appealing if there was some margin space, especially on the left.

I have my browser sized to cover my 19 inch monitor that is set at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

I usually leave my email address in the place provided when filling out a comment. Sorry about that.

Hope this does not further confuse the issue.

Maggie said...

After trying to figure out why you could not find my email, I did a bit of research.

Have a look at this question in the Blogger help section.
under Privacy and Profile My email is now available in my profile. But, I will be doing more research to see if I can leave my email on other Bloggers comment pages as I do on blogs made with other blogging software. On other blogs I find I can leave my email and it is NOT available to anyone but the blog owner. These blogs I leave my email on, are almost always from VFXY or good friends.
I am reconsidering making my email open, also, as this may be where you are getting your spam.

Maggie said...

Here is the context of another comment I left on Brad's blog:

With regard to your no email on my blog question: I have been doing a bit of research with Blogger help. Apparently we need to check the box in our profile that allows our address to be shown. Also, read this about how to find email from comments made. I did not allow my email to be shown in my profile and so you could not find it. Its a matter of how privacy. Allowing your email to show might be part of your spam problem. But I have now allowed my email to show. As far as I am aware, my email should only show to people I have commented on. Let me try it. Here is the hot link about it.

This is just so I have the hot links to the information about email addresses provided to people who's blogs you comment on; that is, if they are blogger blogs. It is unduly complicated. blah.

Jerry Moores said...

Wonderful image - great tones - very well done Maggie!