Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ice Art

From the days when we had snow and ice -- shooting down from the deck at the frozen pond surface.


H.O said...

Beautiful expression I love it :)

Jerry Moores said...

Great perspective! Compelling image! How do you put these nice borders around your images???

Maggie said...

Hi Jerry,

I am using an old copy of Paintshop Pro, photo editor to do these borders. You can pick click on the 'dropper' tool then take it to the photo and pick up a color from within the photo and it adds into the background choices of colors. If you click image, add borders you can set the pixel size for each color.

If you have an Adobe photoshop, the borders can be made by going to canvas size and choosing the background color, set it to pixels, and add the borders. You change the colors by clicking on the little colors palette box at the bottom of the 'canvas size' window. (I think) I believe you can also use the dropper tool in adobe photoshop to pick out and add a color from the photo to the choice of colors in the palette.
In adobe, if you click on 'windows' at the top and then click 'tools' you will get a little box showing all the tools. At the bottom of this tools menu there are the background and foreground colors in two little squares at the bottom. You can change your colors for the borders in there, also. It works the same way on Paintshop also.

There are lots of tutorials on line, but I don't have one that I use for everything. I do have some luck using the 'help' in adobe. There is so much you can do though, it gets time consuming to play.
Have fun!