Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blue Glass

One of a few of my blue glass collection that I shot the other day. The borders on the side are from the window display boards that the glass sits between. Ambient light.

On Friday Andrew from the Sheriff's office phoned and told me that I do not have to go to the Court House on Monday for the Jury Panel picking. Apparently the case has been resolved. All 200 of us don't have to be bothered to go stand around for nothing now. Yippee. I don't understand why juror makes $10.00 a day for the priveledge of 'serving' while lawyers make $10.00 per .5 second for defending or prosecuting a case. The law is an ass for sure.

So, now I have my appointment with Dr. C. this week and then we are free to plan our trip down south in the Dodge Lodge... New Mexico here we come.

Audree has had her operation and is doing great. Marianne is recovering after her accident. Thank heavens.

I have spent some time reworking the colors on my web page. I think it looks better without the yellow. Not a big change, but an improvement, I think.

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