Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More glorious Autumn colors

 The spectacular Virginia creeper with the Autumn Joy sedum in the foreground
 The pin oak in the woodland.  This is the view from over the garage roof.  The Japanese cedar just behind it is turning into its bronze winter colors.
 The tree peony leaves next to the evergreen that is beneath it, holding its stems up.  These two plants seem to grow nicely together.
 A small hosta in its lovely yellow foliage; although its color is now gone.  I see that this little hosta was in bloom.  I must have missed that when we were away, traveling.
 The hosta photos below and above are of the same plant taken 10 days apart.  This hosta is now totally yellow and beginning to fade to gray. 
As I am working on processing photos from our trip east in June/July I want to show you what the sun looked like in mid day, with all the smoke that covered most of the province of Sask. when we were there.  It looks rather pretty... this is exactly how my camera saw it, there has been no photoshop adjustments.  It was not very nice to live through those forest fires.  BC had the year of the great fires, also.  We are grateful for all the hard work of the fire fighters and the support personnel.    Let's hope Canada can make a better showing at the Climate Change Conference in Paris, this year.

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