Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Flowers and Autumn color

 The mock orange mentioned in previous post.  Too bad the camera cannot record the heavenly fragrance.
 Close up of the mock orange flowers.
 This hollyhock is in the border by the fig tree.  It is a gorgeous fushcia color, set off by the blue colors of the michaelmas daisies that surround it a cloud.  The hollyhocks in the front rectangle bed have disappeared.  I must get more of these double ones!
 This is a nerine that blooms in the bed next to the old garage.  The bigger lily like flowers in this same shade of pink are finished blooming, as is the clump of lovely blue Lily of the Nile flowers that are in the same area in the flower bed.
This is the wisteria that has climbed the western red cedar.  In the spring this cedar blooms and now it is in its Autumn colors.
This is the nicely colored peony leaves in the front rectangle bed.  I see the stake for the peony needs to be set upright. 
More Autumn color to follow.

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