Saturday, October 03, 2015

Colquitz River Stewardship

 This photo is from our walk along the main stem of the Colquitz River with the Peninsula Streams society, a group being formed to help in the stewardship of the River.  Colquitz Coalition is the umbrella organization of the environmental stewards operating within the Colquitz River Watershed.  The photo shows some of the soil erosion and the tree roots holding the River bank together.
 I am slowly getting my photos from our trip East processed.  This is the salt lake near Chaplin, Sask. There are better photos from when we stopped here on our way home. 
This is a photo from the Can Am Model T Ford meet held in the Langley, B.C. area.  It was a very well organized tour.  Thank you Mark and Suzanne for your attention to all the little details.  The signs posted at corners to turn were a very nice touch.
This is a photo of Hawthorn berries.  I learned this on our Colquitz River walk on the 29th of Sept.  I often see these little bushes sprouting up in my garden.  Now that I know what they are I shall have to leave some in my little woodland area.  I am sure the birds will love them. 
We have had beautiful weather the last week.  I have spent a bit of time in the garden, but due to meetings of one kind or another have not been out very much.  I am renovating the Japanese garden area a bit more, as the spruce tree has become too large for its spot.  The Harry Lauders Walking stick is crowding it out.  When I get it all removed I may move the miniature pine tree from the little rockery into its spot.  This should allow the moss to spread, as the fallen needles of the spruce seemed to kill the moss.  We have had very little rain, and really need more.  The leaves on the pin oak, the Virginia creeper and the other shrubs and trees are beginning to turn colors.  So far we have eaten 44 figs from our tree.  The second crop is ripening now and there will be a few more ready in a day or two.  The heathers,  michaelmas daisies, cyclamens, autumn crocus and few other perrenials are in bloom now.  I must wait for it to get a bit colder before I start to do the trimming of hedges, roses, clematis  and evergreens that I did not get done earlier. 

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