Friday, June 21, 2013

The Cutting Garden - a new project

 The pinks in bloom in the little rockery at the back.  They are fragrant
 a cosmos in the cutting garden.  I must keep these dead headed so that they keep producing flowers.
 The beginning of the new project.  The vegetables do not seem to grow as there is not enough sun and too many tree roots in this spot.  So, this side of the old veggie patch is going to be the cutting garden.  This year I have glads, cosmos, the calendulas from last year. And perennials: At  Brentwood Bay nursery and I got 16 flowers and a strawberry for $71.92.    1. Dianthus Neon Star and 2. Dianthus fire witch - both transplanted in the front of the rectangle #2 border.  Frangrant plants.   3.  Homestead purple verbena (trailing).. very pretty.   Should make a good cut flower too. Planted it in the back pot that has the geraniums in it by the back garage.   4.  Rose Wine Meadow Sage (Salvia Nemorosa 'Rosenwein') - fragrant and butterflies. Planted on the down side of the Magnolia. Will make a good cutting flower too.  5.  Gaillardia Burgundy - butterflies should like it, & cutting.   Planted in the cutting garden.  6. Iceland Poppy, butterflies & cutting. In the cutting garden.  7. Hellenium Autumnal - Helen's flower.  red and gold looks nice, cutting. 36 inches.  Planted in the cutting garden at the back near the oak.   8.  Blue Balloon Flower - Platycodon grandiflorus, Astra Blue  Planted by the smoke bush 9.  Geum- Blazing Sunset.. red cutting, I think I will plant it in the inner garden at the front with the balloon flowers... and remove the lavender that is not doing well  add more compost.  Left the lavender and planted by smoke bush. 10.  Asclepias tuberosa - cutting and butterflies.. milkweed. 24 inches.  Planted this at the top of the cutting garden where it gets most sun.  Happens to be by the dahlia which is up.  I will move the dahlia maybe, next year.   11.  Liatris - purple spikes - cutting, butterflies.  In the cutting garden. 12.  Monarda Fireball (Bee Balm) dwarf... shaggy flowers red 12 - 18" butterflies, cutting, hummingbirds. In the cutting garden.  13. Aquilegia (Columbine) Ruby Port.. a lovely wine, double puffy flower. planted this one in the cutting garden by the yews. The columbines are doing great all over the garden this year with a wide variety of colors, even a white one.  14.  Delphinium Black Knight Pacific Giant hybrid. will need staking, violet blue flowers/black bee, cutting and I know the humming birds like them too. Planted in the cutting garden next to the cement blocks and the yew trees. The humming birds like the siberian iris and foxgloves, and seem to check out all of the flowers.  15,  Aster Wartburg Star, Aster tongolensis - lovely blue and gold daisy like flowers.  Butterflies should like this one.  15.  Wallflower Cheiranthus Orange, fragrant.  Planted it by the Magnolia with the other wall flower. 
 In this photo we see part of the little rockery and a foxglove in bloom next to the cutting garden area.
 There are going to be some figs this year. 
 One of the oriental poppies from the back.  These poppies are mostly finished now and I have cut back their flower heads.  I should save them for poppy seed.  I love poppy seed roll that my Mom made. 
 Another view of the rhodo by the deck.  These shrubs are finished blooming.
The trailing verbena.  A lovely  color.  It should be good for cutting.

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