Sunday, June 16, 2013

June weeding and watering

 A white foxglove that is in a pot on the deck.  It self seeded there.  I must save seed from it as well as the white columbine.  I should tag and bag them.  Perhaps I can get more white flowers for an attempt at a white garden in my cutting garden. 
 This scabosia is doing well on the deck.  Most of my butterfly/humming bird flowers on the deck have about run their course for perennials in pots survival.  Might rejuvenate them with herbs.  I am using chives, oregano, and bought parsley.  Ruby's parsley survived the winter last year, so hope mine will.  The dill is pathetic again, all though it did germinate before the birds got it, I suppose.
 The water feature on the deck with climatis.  The two iris have buds.  One is white and the other the lovely purple one.
 This is the white water iris in the pond.  Same one as is in the deck pot.
I was looking at some of our photos from our 2011 trip to the Model Ts meet at Pincher Creek.  I relly liked this one of the Columbia River wetlands and so had to get it ready for that travel album, if I ever get it done.  A quote from a website about this area: 
The Columbia Valley Wetlands covers an area from Canal Flats to Donald and is the longest continuous wetlands remaining on the continent. It covers 26,000 hectares (64,000 acres) and supports over 260 resident and migratory bird species. The Columbia flood plain is very flat and ranges from 1-2 km in width.
Yesterday, I emailed out the link to my gallery on megashot for last year's Can Am, and I am getting a few return mails.  Always nice to hear from people.
In the garden, I have the front pretty well cleaned up with just watering and keeping an eye on any weeds to be nipped before they go to seed.   In the back, I have the water garden and the waterfall working good.  The moss garden is looking real good too.  I need to be on top of those wretched bluebells in the spring.  I moved a big fern from beside the little dry stream and patched the spot with clay soil.  I hope the moss grows here quickly.  I think I got a new little moss in one of the flower pots from Brentwood Bay garden center.  I put it on this new area and hope to see it expand.  I have several different kinds of moss growing.  I am keeping it damp under the deck and it is slowly spreading.  I am also getting ferns moved around under there.  I move the chair to where I get a view of the moss garden and the pond.  I need to remove the delphinium to get a better view of the pond, though.  Some of the transplants are already growing to fill in the neighbors view under my deck and to my back patio.  I am in the process of cleaning up the little garden bed behind the garage.  My beautiful hydrangea is there, but has got some kind of fungus.  The leaves are all shriveled up and dying, but the wood underneath is still alive.  I hope I can save it.   After that I must get the woodland under control; especially those bluebells that are crowding out everything.  The dames rocket grew huge this year, so did the old fern and the lily of the valley tree.    Well, the garden is every changing, and interesting.


Ken Anderson said...

I like the landscape photo and Carolyn likes your foxglove.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the visit and the compliments.
Hope for the best with your date with the surgery.

Ken Anderson said...

Thanks, Maggie. I should know a surgery date soon.