Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soltice Rainbow

 The morning after the fantastic moon, we had this huge rainbow.  It was in the same area that the moon was in.  I am shooting the rainbow over the top of the same tree, out of my dining room window.
 This hdr was treated to the levels adjustment and a few other things in photoshop.  I am not sure what is causing the vignetting in the corners, but I think it might be the adapter ring I have added to my Canon SX 40. 
 This is another photo from June 8th, of the strip in front of the rectangle flower bed beside our driveway.  The peonies are flopping over the little honeysuckle pilea hedge.  A lavender, thyme, achillea in the foreground.
 This is the biggest peony that is finally getting some color.  It has been white for the past few years.  When I made the water garden I had to move these peonies to the front garden bed.  The soil was not prepared at the time, so they went into the mostly clay soil.  It has been a struggle for them but they are finally coming along.
 A closer shot of the lavender and thyme.  This lavender bloom lasts a long time.  The bees love it and the thyme.  This is the spot where I let the daisies go wild.  I am now trying to get all of the daisy seedlings out of here.  
 This is the second peony in the bed.  From the color of it, I believe it IS a white one.  I lost the names of them when I moved them.  This one had its first blooms this year.  I have been giving them compost, garden lime and a bit more attention. 

Another view of the corner.

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