Sunday, January 27, 2013

Roses in January

 this photo is the Gertrude Jekyl  Rose in bud now. 
 The Iceberg Rose seems to have a bit of a rosey hue to it in the cooler temperatures.
 More of the Iceberg rose.  Of course they are not in thee best shape, but they are in bloom.
The snowdrops are up and in bloom too.  Not a great photo, sorry to say.
We have had a mild winter so far this year.  But it has been rainy and cool so I have not been out to do any garden clean up just yet.  I have bags of compost from my garden refuse pick up  company that needs to be put down on the beds also. 
There have been quite a few birds around the garden recently.  They are acting like it is mating season.  Everything seems to be early this year.
I have had to remove the link to Melinda's blog, as the Chrome browser told me that there was a link to a site that had malware  on the blog.  I wonder if this link is also on her Megashot account and on the community she built there.  I must check this out too.
I have the 7 Harry Potter books to read, a book about the wiki leaks guy on my ipad and the 24 hour bookstore suggested by Ken, also on ipad.  As well as all the free old history and classics that I downloaded to my ipad.  I have yet to find the time to get my new FTP program and my word press that Godaddy have told me about; to use with my old web page and with my new domain.  There is a high learning curve in this for me, that I am not quite ready to tackle just yet.  I am spending too much time on google plus, but enjoying the gardening stuff on there!  And then of course, there is the Megashot stuff to do.  It seems to be a lot of work, at times.  We await the Version 2 of Megashot that is going to be bigger and better than ever, with  multiple things to do... everything a photographer, whether amateur or professional or beginner, could desire.
In checking for copyright infringements on my blog photos I have not found any new thieves recently.  There is one old one where I complained on the website and asked them to remove my photos.  Now when I go to the offending website and click on the thumbnail of my photo it links me to a porn site.  The site that has my photo thumbnail on it seems to be owned by eNOM.  Now, the bit of research I have done about this company warns me to stay away from them.  I see that the wiki leaks guys took a swipe at them a few years ago, but the eNom are still operating in their usual fashion.  All that money from porn sites, no doubt.  I read recently that 60% of the ecommerce on the internet is from porn sites.  What a sad, sad, statement about the internet!  This post should be titled Teach Your Children Well... #3 or #4 ...

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