Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Gardening and Pinterest

 My waterfall a few days ago.  Since then some critter has jumped on the lower stone of the waterfalll and dislodged it.  I need to get out and reset this stone into the waterfall, as the water is now just running over the edge and not falling into the water with a tinkle.
 the snowdrops in the moss/Japanese garden poking their noses above the fallen leaves.  As you can see I should get out there and clean up the fallen leaves and wasted perennials all over the garden.


I thought that Pinterest was a social media site without a conscious.  Today I found that Pinterest is diametrically opposed to its clients 'pinning' photos that are copyrighted to a photographer and the client does not own the copyright.
This is Pinerest's page regarding Copyright:
and their complaint form:

Today I used their DMCA form to advise them of the pinning of a photo from my blog as shown below.  Unpolished Life has taken my photo, removed my watermark, posted the photo to their blog and then pinned it to their Pinterest account, from where it has been re-pinned several times.  Hope to see this Unpolished and UNPRINCIPLED blogger made aware of the Copyright Infringement. 

If you don’t want anything from your website to show up on Pinterest ever, just add the following code before the
tag on any page of your site.
 < /head> tag on any page of your site.

< meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" / >

to customize the no pin:

<  meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" description="Sorry, no pinning of images on this site please!" /  >

,,,,, remove the spaces before the >  and after the <  .....

 Unpolished Life using my photo on its blog, with my watermark removed.
My comment on the blog, which has been ignored, and the comment still stands on this blog that has advertising on it and is, therefore, a commercial website, gaining from the copyright infringement.  Small potatoes really! 
The Unpolished Pinterest account using my photo.  I reported this Copyright Infringement to Pinterest today and hope to see this account with a strike against it for Copyright Infringement.  Strike one, bucko!
This is the original of my blog post with my watermark `mmmee`on the lower left corner, that the UNPRINCIPLED blogger has removed.  This blogger could be liable for penalties up to $150,000 for this removal of my watermark and the Copyright Infringement.


A Glass Artist said...

Giving strikes is totally inconsequential. All it does is lull copyright owners into thinking that Pinterest has penalties for repeat infringers.

Pinterest has no penalty for repeat infringers at all.

Maggie said...

thank you glass artist. I have no Pinterest account to test any of this stuff.
This morning, January 14, 2013, I have a reply from Pinterest in my email:
"[Pinterest] DMCA request 50314648 complete

Hi Margaret Meehan,

You recently asked Pinterest to remove the material identified in the following DMCA notification: 50314648

This is to let you know we have removed that material. While most content is removed immediately, it may take up to 24 hours to be removed from all servers.

Sincerely yours,"

So, the offending photo is taken down. I have no compensation for my time or the use of my photo. This is the same if you do your own DMCA take down notices for any other site. To gain some return on your time and efforts I believe you would need to hire a lawyer.

The offending Pinner, in this case, still has my photo up on his/her own blog, with my watermark removed. I complained on the offenders blog also by a comment on the blog. Now the Offender has put small text under the photo linking the photo to the original photo on my blog. BUT this is still copy right infringement, as I do not consider my photos to be anything but copyright protected and not to be used without my permission. Now I will have to educate the Unpolished or Unprincipled blogger about copyright infringements and penalties for removal of watermarks.

Ken Anderson said...

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease".
Glad they took the photo down.

Anonymous said...
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Maggie said...
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