Thursday, February 09, 2012

Panama Flats Video

I have spent some time installing Windows Live Essentials on my computer to get the Windows movie maker.  After the crash of about a year ago, my techie did not add these window features to the new computer he sold and set up for me.  I also found some updates for my Microsoft mouse and Keyboard, which took some time to update.  It has improved the speed considerably.  I seem to be positively zippy now.

So, now I have the movie maker.... more play time.  This saves the created video for playback in Windows movie player, of course.  I would like to save to .mp4 or any other ending.  I can load the video directly to my you tube account, but there is considerable degrading of the quality of the video from the original, after running it through the Windows Movie Maker.  I understand Adobe's Lightroom has a good movie maker, but I am not sure I want to put out the cost of Lightroom at the moment.

So here is a small video I made with Windows Media Maker and loaded to my you tube account.  I had taken 2 clips with my little Sony.  I have somehow managed to add them together and trim off most of the wobbly parts of the video.  I think if I do this again, I will be sure to trim each clip before I add them together, if I can remember how I managed to do it.   I got obsessed with this and was up playing until 3:00 am on Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

This video looks good in full screen.
Lot's of people are complaining about Win movie maker quality.
Take a look at some of these:

Maggie said...

oh thanks.. it looked so good in the original right off the Sony. And then I saw the windows movie maker version on you tube. Must watch it full screen.
Thanks for the site to view them. I was considering the free download from here. Its not fancy but it would do the job. The full version would be $36.98 with discounts and all. I will look at the others as I get time. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how the software works out.