Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bamboo diplomacy: Giant pandas coming to Canada

There are no photos on this.  There was a share button to connect to Blogger, so I tried it.  It seems we are are renting Giant Panda Bears from China.

So here is a photo ... something I was working on a few years ago.  Today I took photos of my two lady slipper orchids that are in bloom, but have yet to process them.  More later.

Bamboo diplomacy: Giant pandas coming to Canada


Anonymous said...

Nice vases; some still life coming to Megashot?
I've never seen a Panda.

Maggie said...

I have never seen a Panda either.

These Painted Vases are something I did a few years ago. I place one of my blooming plants in front of one of my vases and photograph it. Then I erase the extra parts of the plant in photoshop to end up with these Painted Vases. The film strip frame was another photoshop exercise from years ago. The final product was a curved film strip thing... a fancy frame actually. I loaded it to Flicker at the time. But yes, I might load this one to Megashot. I want to do another of the film strip frames and I want to get back to doing out of Frame stuff too. No time though. Also, these Painted Vases will eventually be loaded to my old web page under the album: Painted Vases.