Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More on the black hornets

I want to confirm the comments information from Ken that these black bees are actually hornets with a vicious bite, if threatened.  So far they have not bothered me, thank heavens.  These photos were taken about a week ago, showing the wasp and hornet drinking water in the pond and using the duck weed as a convenient landing spot.  Since this hive is quite low to the ground, I think, it might be a harsh winter.  Our weather has cooled quickly, so I expect these nasties to soon be gone. 
I walked back from the mall today after my lab blood tests.  Found another Colleen McCollough book and another Phillippa Gregory one.  This should keep me going for awhile.
We have had a couple of little earthquakes recently.  I did not notice either of them, but lots of people did.  I think we were driving in the van at the time of the first one.  Pat remarked about the road seeming to be wavy from all the truck traffic. 

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Anonymous said...

Jeez! Driving on wavy roads! Now that is thought provoking!