Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Autumn Color

Last Sunday we went on the VCCC run with the Bentley, on a sunny warm day.  I took the opportunity to get a photo of the Virginia Creeper that goes up the telephone post by our driveway.  It's colors are spectacular in the sun.  Some other flowers of Autumn are the michaelmas daisies, cyclamens pansies, mums, autumn crocuses, sedums.  The trees are beginning to turn colors and the rains have started.  

I have been walking more.  The housework is slowly getting caught up. 

Megashot is slowly growing.  The critique forum is very active and we have a few new communities.  

I just finished reading a short book on Alexander the Great.  It had a surprising amount of good information for the size of it.  For pure enjoyment, on our trip, and after I read a couple of novels by Rollins.  I picked up a copy of Stephan Hawking's latest book and find it rather tough going.  I am sure it would be far more interesting if I knew more physics or was more interested in the topic.  So, I will delve back into another history on Cyrus the Great, next.


KenA said...

Our Cyrus the Great is making history! :-)))

Maggie said...


This book I am reading is a rewrite of an old book written about a century after Cyrus the great lived, by a Greek historian who had been a student of Socrates and a hero in his own right. I am only into the first chapter and really enjoying it. Its a good thing I have the maps from the Alexander the Great book. :-)

KenA said...

You have me interested; think this would be worth buying?

Maggie said...

I don't know ... it might be a good one. The one I have was actually written by Xenophon about a century after Cyrus the Great lived. Xenophon was a student of Socrates and a hero in his own right. The editor is Larry Hedrick. Hedrick has changed Xenophon's book to update names, and put the story teller into the first person and a few other changes. I found hard copy from one of the ABE used book outlets at a very reasonable price plus shipping which still did not amount to a mush. My copy is like new.
Hope the Kindle reading is going well. :-)