Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gardening in Summer

This is the Allium against the lime green low growing oregano.  I love this combination.  There is a peony tree with its feet in this patch of oregano.  The peony tree has not bloomed yet.  Next year I hope.
Looking the opposite direction this is the alliums against the smoke bush, with blue globalaria, blue columbines, and the silver sedum.  The Alluims are now finished blooming and the seed head remain for decoration.
This lovely little flower is in front of the hedge next to the sun dial circle.  It has waxy, serrated leaves and the little mauve flowers in sprays.  Ita a very tough plant to survive where it is.  It is one of the original plants in this area.
This is the little rockery at the front, where I replaced the half barrel tub.  The white clump of perennial snap dragons are covered with flowers -- and this was taken on May 18... they are even more full of flowers now.  More on this little rockery later, as a few days ago I did a bit of rearranging things, so that I would have only low growing sedums and sempveriums in the front.
The bronze smoke bush with its under planting of silver saxifragia.. I seem to be calling this a sedum at times.. I believe its a saxifragia.
My best lady slipper was in bloom for a month on the light garden. 
Valerine next to the cedar hedge at the front, on May 18th.
The valerine and the blue california lilac on June 18th.  This valerine is an excellent plant with a long bloom period and interesting leaves.  It is seeding itself around and is quite welcome to do so. 
All of the photos except the last one are from May 18th.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hello. I ran across your blog and had to comment on your beautiful flowers. The Bronze Smoke tree is gorgeous with the silver saxifragia planted below for contrast. I really enjoyed your Rhododendrons too which are some of my favorite plants.Hydrangeas being the other which are in bloom now. Love your beds and you really have some beautiful Columbines growing.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Maggie said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I wonder what State it is that has the Columbine and State flower?
I need more time to spend on your blog but I am so very busy on our new photo upload / networking site, as well as out in the garden ... well you know how it goes.

Your flower photos would do wonderfully well in our contest this month. The Flowers category contest with prizes run to the end of this month. Please have a look at to register and then go to the Flowers community or to the Smart Contests community: here: to read about it. I have created a community on the site called In the garden. Would be great to have your participation there too.

I will be away from my computer for a couple of weeks though.