Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gardening in June

This is the view of my pond from the stepping stones along the primrose bed at the back.
This clematis climbs up the corner of the deck.  This year it is spreading into the plum tree above it.
The clematis on the deck decorating the water tub feature.
  This clematis is climbing up the grape bush.  Beneath it are the very bright pink oriental poppies for a good color combination. 
This rhodo is along by the deck steps with the primula bed in front of it and the stepping stones in front of that.  The dames rocket has self seeded itself in with the two rhodos that grow here for another nice color combination.
A close up of the two toned pink rhodo that grows along beside the pond.
More of the two toned pink rhodo
This is the white rhodo that grows along the 5 ft strip by Parmar's sidewalk at what I consider the back of my house.  Its a very tall rhodo and very full of flowers.
The white rhodo and the fuschia azalyea, which is also spreading and is full of flowers.

Another view of the white rhodo and the fuschia azalyia.

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