Friday, June 18, 2010

Gardening in Summer

This is the Welsh Poppy.  They seed themselves around and are a very lovely little plant in the shade.  I have some growing under the deck by the dry stream and a big clump of them beside the garage in the woodland area.
This is an icelandic poppy.  These poppies come in various colors.  I have not had much luck growing these in my garden, as yet.  I have a few California poppies seeding themselves in the garden now.  They are heavier, waxy flowers than this one, but in orange also.
This is my best Oriental poppy.  It is a hot pink color.  The others are bright red and orange.  These poppies are almost finished blooming now.  The foliage dies down and looks quite messy in the garden.  I need to clean them up.
These are two "petal art" photos I have made from the poppy.  I might use both of them in the Petal Art community on Megashot.
The perennial geraniums grow along the driveway in a about a 12 foot length of this long strip.  These plants are very tough and are perfect in this spot.  They are carefree and easy, evergreen with flowers in summer.  They come in a number of different varieties.  I have a magenta one that spreads and is in a few corners here and there in the garden.  I have some with lovely dark green leaves and blue flowers.  I have two minature ones that cover the spots where they grow in a well behaved spreding clumps. 
This is the view from the edge of the vegetable garden, shooting over the Irish heather and Iberis towards the woodland.  This view changes with the seasons.  This photo is from May 19th, as are all of the photos in the last three posts.
The last of the tulips and the first of the oriental poppies growing beside the back garage.

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