Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our trip to Ecuador and Peru - Getting there

We had an early flight out of Vancouver, via Houston, and then to Quito, Ecuador.  Pat arranged our air fare from Victoria to Vancouver and our over night at the Fairmont Hotel, by paying with our Visa Points.  This was an adventure, in itself.  He persevered and used the points.  We taxied out the airport and caught our flight (No. 1 airplane - I will do a count of the airplanes we were on).  later in the afternoon.  Collected our bags and walked and walked in the Vancouver Airport.  Its a lovely place, but sooo much walking.  We checked into the Fairmount and went to dinner.  Maria had arranged to give us our dinner.  We really do have the best Travel Agent.   Upon inquiring, an Airport help person told us that we would need to be 3 hours early for our check in to Continental Airlines in the morning.  Our departure time was at 7:40 so we were up by 4:00 am.  We were far too early, of course.  Continental were not even open when we got down.  Finally got checked in and bags going through to Quito.  I get a few sunrise photos out of the windows in the lounge. 
on our way, at last.
This might be Annicus Island. not sure.  If anyone knows please tell me.  Its flying over Vancouver.
More of the Vancouver sunrise.
We manage to catch a nap after breakfast on the plane.
Flying into Houston.. I have no idea what these circles might be.  Please tell me if you know. 
More of Houston. 
We get off this Flight No. 2 and have no trouble finding our Continental flight to Quite.  Through the line ups.  We each have a light carry on bag.  We seem to have packed properly and do not lose anything going through the checks.
Over Quito, Ecuador.  This is our No. 3 Airplane.  We have a nice dinner, with wine, and again a nap. We get into Quito about 11:00 pm.  after a 5 hour flight.  Long line ups but no hassels.  We are met by our Celebrity representative, on our bus and checked into our room before 12:15.  We are at 12000 feet altitude, so must be mindful.  Pat and I both have slight fever and headaches.  Its been a long day, but a good one.  Pat took a pill for the altitude.  I took a tylenol.  To sleep.. with a meet in the lobby at 8:45 in the morning.  I think we are 3 hours earlier here.  Pat is keeping track of it.  But I set my wrist watch for this time, while at home.  This is March 5th.

In my garden yesterday  I managed to get the shrubs on Parmar's side of the house clipped back.  Dug out self seeded holly trees, dandilions and blackberries.  Cleaned up the clippings and have a wheel barrow full for the compost bin.  It was raining and I caught a chill, but am happy to have this done.  I have a camas growing in pure clay by the chimney.  It is underplanted with bishops weed, and has a back drop of the deep purple Jackamani clematis.  This little corner has a Japanese anemone, the pink Simplicity rose and the burning bush to screen their garbage cans from my front entryway.  In front of the rose, the boxwood hedge begins at that end.
In my Garden today, I planted out most of the alpines I had purchased at the rock and alpine show on Saturday.  Since we are going to be away, again this summer; I put the tiny drabas, and others, right into the small rockery.  I am hoping they get established by July and will survive.  I used up a bag of sand, and a bag of pea gravel, as well as a bag of compost.  I have yet to plant the fussy ones.  The pleiones, a daphne and a blue poppy.  These really should go into pots, but I do not want them drying out, so I will put them in the ground and hope they survive.  The pleiones need spagham moss to grow in.  The daphne is going to grow to 5 x 5 so it needs a spot with good drainage yet moisture retentive.  The little rockery is too small for it.  It may have to take pride of place in the front by the little rock wall.  Maybe the pleiones and the blue poppy can be in the same area.  I have a lovely little silene and a few other little rock plants in the area. 


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Maggie.

The circles near Houston look like irrigation patterns, I think. A very long irrigation machine has one end anchored in a field and the other end rolls slowly around the axis spraying water. They move it and do it again.

You have been a busy girl today!

Maggie said...

oh thanks Ken. There were so many of these circles!