Monday, March 01, 2010

In the Garden at

This is the front page of a community at our new site, Megashot .  We have a pool of photos added by the members, and there are discussion pages.  We are able to add videos regarding any gardening topic to the front page or to discussions.  The front page of all of our communities is customizeable, with banner and colors for the rest of the front page.  There are more communities, there are contests, and a smart rating / voting system where everyone can participate to find the best Megashots in the site.  We each can have our own store, customizable profile, create communities, and participate in any that hold our interest.  We already have a few helpful articles in discussions in communities with the main focus on photography.  Come help us build our friendly, exciting new site.

The In the Garden community is growing nicely, with the warm weather of Spring.  :-)   Come to the site and plant your own page (profile - fully customizable) and create your galleries, join communities, vote and rate in Explore.  Add your knowledge to our communities.  And just have fun, enjoy this huge wonderful place.

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