Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Victoria Grid Project - October - Map L31

I seem to be having trouble loading photos today. I guess all the servers are busy.
The tree is on Douglas street, in front of the newly painted dollar store building.
The Buick Eight is from a car for sale at the Munro swap meet. The Waterfall is at the Japanese Garden at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

I have a few more photos for the Grid for this month to load to Flickr, but I am not going to add them to the pool, just to my set, as I am not sure they are in the grid, but I like them anyway and they are close to being in the grid. The guy dumped my Pemberton Memorial Operating Room photos out of the pool, so I won't be loading any more this month to the pool.

We had moussaka and retsino for dinner last nite. Was very yummy. Today I should make the pie as I have some windfall apples to use up.

Trevor is trying to figure out why my backup thing is not working on its automatic but works on the manual runs. Strange thing.

Cyrus and Steve are in touch now, so I hope Steve can give Cyrus some good pointers on his site set up. This is going to be one cool photo upload site when its up and running.

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